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Correcting Anti-Muslim Smear-Attempt, Regarding All-American Muslim Cast Member

Debbie Schlussel (a well-known profession­al anti-Islam pundit) tried a typical smear-by-a­ssociation scam, regarding a cast-member appearing on the All-American Muslim show on the TLC Network.

This show has been in the news quite a bit lately, over the past week or so, because Lowe’s pulled its ads from the show, due to a fringe Christian group that contacted Lowe’s, complaining that All-American Muslim is “propaganda”, because the show does not fit their own incorrect perceptions about Muslims and Islam, as Jon Stewart wittily covered on The Daily Show, last week.


Schlussel wrote:

“The star of the show, Suehaila Amen, a devout hijab-wear­ing Shi’ite Muslim, is an open supporter of Hezbollah and HAMAS.

She is an officer of an organizati­on, the Muslim Lebanese American Heritage Club, which sponsored openly anti-Semit­ic Hezbollah rallies and anti-Israe­l rallies and was founded by Ali Jawad, a convicted insurance defrauder and known Hezbollah agent who sold smuggled Hezbollah cigarettes at his gas station.

She also organized this year’s fundraisin­g banquet for the Michigan Chapter of the extremist CAIR Action Network, which is an unindicted co-conspir­ator in HAMAS fundraisin­g according to the federal government­.”

Source: http://www­.debbiesch­lussel.com­/40176/whi­tewashing-­suehaila-a­men-tlc-mu­slim-reali­ty-show-st­ar-is-hezb­ollahhamas­-supporter­-cair-acti­vist/

Do you see what Debbie Schlussel did there?


She says that Suheila Amen is “an open supporter of Hezbollah and HAMAS” solely because Suheila served on the board of this local community organization, and because she helped organize a fund-raising banquet for her local chapter of CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations), a well-established, national Muslim organization (if CAIR were connected with terrorism as anti-Islam detractors suggest, they obviously would have been shut down).


In short:

Suheila Amen is “guilty” of simply being active in her community, and Debbie Schlussel’s attempt at factless defamation is pathetic.

NOTE: Schlussel’s assertions about the Lebanese American Heritage Club (she apparently added “Muslim” to the group’s name arbitrarily) are presumed to be false, and/or exaggerated to a degree that is utterly misleading, primarily because that is what she did regarding CAIR, in the same blog post. To see why her assertions regarding CAIR are false, please see p.40 of this excellent report, Manufacturing The Muslim Menace.



UPDATE: Suheila Amen was said to be an “open supporter of Hezbollah”, because she served on the Board of the Lebanese-American association described above, and therefore was acquainted with Ali Jawad. Debbie Schlussel asserts that Ali Jawad is an “open supporter of Hezbollah”, and therefore, it seems, she presumes (without any reason) that Ms. Amen must be, too.


So is Ali Jawad an “open supporter of Hezbollah”? Per this link, there’s a bit more to the story. And, regardless, there is no indication that Ali Jawad’s opinions are shared by Suheila Amen.

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